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Pre-Release Services are for clients who are currently incarcerated and scheduled for release within 3-4 years. A working relationship with Virginia Department of Corrections will be the bridge between our organization and those who will be eligible for pre-release services. We will begin with a one on one assessment with the client to determine what basic needs will be needed upon release. Educational assessments and trade certifications will be evaluated to determine what needs to be completed and/or documented in order to thrive upon release. Housing and family needs assessments will be discussed, among other things, in order to prepare the client for a successful transition back into society upon their release.
  • One on One Assessment
  • Basic Needs Assessment and Referrals
  • Parenting Promises
  • Drug/Alcohol Treatment Referrals
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • The "Social Media" Trap
  • Criminal History and Path to Change
  • Home Plan & Self-sufficiency Preparation
  • Life Skills & Re-Entry Readiness
  • Training & Skills Assessment
  • Family Care Plan
  • Avoiding Pitfalls of "Keeping it 100"
Re-Entry Services focus on the first 3 years post-incarceration. Each year marks a milestone. Historically, an average of 22% of all justice-involved individuals in the state of Virginia are expected to be re-arrested, re-convicted, and/or re-incarcerated. Strengthening societal relationships and making effective use of time has proven to deter individuals from returning to prison. We are here to be a direct link to those deterrents. Continual one on one assessments and support are critical in reducing crime and recidivism. They're counting on failure; we're working towards success!
  • One on One Assessment - Post Release
  • Re-introduction to Society
  • Shelter, Clothing and Food Referrals
  • Educational Goals
  • Job Readiness / Employment Search Assistance
  • Building a Support Network / Mentor Pairing
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Restoration of Civil Rights and Voter Registration
  • Job/Resource Fairs
  • Interview Skills
  • Home Plan and Self-Sufficiency Goals and Needs
  • Mental Health Referrals and Healthcare Initiatives
  • Parole/Probation Visits
  • Trade/Job Skills Programs
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting/Family Initiatives
  • Drug/Alcohol Treatment Referrals
  • Business Startup and Funding Resources
  • Notary Services

Post conviction services are for those who have been convicted and serve no prison time, as well as, those who are post-incarceration for 3 or more years. People make the assumption that people who do not go to prison have it easier than those who are sentenced to serve time. Make no mistake, in Virginia, "felony" is forever. We do not reside in a forgiving state and it is just as difficult to prosper with a felony conviction. Our goals are to counter the current ways that society views people with felony convictions. From making much needed connections with larger corporations and small businesses to guiding citizens to entrepreneurial goals, we will work to bypass the statistics that plague those with justice involvement. Networking is essential and exercising our rights to vote and have a voice are vital for success after a felony conviction.

  • One on One Assessment of Individual Needs
  • Basic Needs Referral
  • Restoration of Rights and Voter Registration
  • Job Training & Skilled Trades Connections
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • GED / Education Application Assistance
  • Financial Resources for Education, Housing, and Business Start Up
  • Parenting Initiatives and Rebuilding Strong Family Foundations
  • Mentor & Support Group Pairing
  • Job Networking Circles
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Business Startup and Funding Resources
  • Money Management
  • Resume / Application / Interview Assistance
  • Mail / Fax Services
  • Reference Assistance
  • Bonding Program
  • Drug/Alcohol Treatment Referrals
  • Legal Process Assistance (DMV, Division of Child Support Enforcement, local courts)
  • Self-sufficiency Goal Setting and Needs
  • Technology Assistance Groups
  • Healthcare Initiatives
  • Job/Resource Fairs
  • Notary Services
After Care is for those who have worked within the program and successfully become self-sufficient and may need various assistance along the way. Clients who reach the After Care level are encouraged to become Mentors for newer members on other levels and become the part of our network that encourages and assists others with becoming and remaining productive members of society. These members will have had their civil rights restored and have had no additional convictions since inception into the program. The goals of our organization is to create a lifelong network of individuals who are committed to moving on from past mistakes and who will offer second chances for others. As the program grows, we will highlight success stories of those who push through their barriers to achieve self-sufficiency with no further involvement with the justice system.
  • Entrepreneurship Encouragement Program
  • Virginia Licensing and Exam Resources
  • Housing Resources / Home Ownership Encouragement
  • Youth Engagement BEFORE Entering the Justice System
  • Community Partners Collaboration
  • Applying for Pardons/Expungement
  • Mentee Program
  • Corporate Connections Groups
  • Skills Training Network
  • Gang Prevention
  • Collaboration with Local Schools to Eliminate School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Success Stories Celebrated
  • Job/Resource Fairs
  • Notary Services
Family support is for the children of incarcerated parents. We understand the stress of having an absent parent and want to commit to support the children of incarcerated children with after school programs, college prep and trade program introduction, homework help, one on one mentor development and academic awards for overachievers. While we know it is imperative for those with justice involvement to have the support of the community to succeed post-conviction, we also want to focus on the success of the children and caregivers who are left behind. Maintaining the relationship between parents and children who are apart is the ultimate goal for our participants.
  • Entrepreneurship Encouragement Program
  • Homework Help Groups
  • Youth Engagement BEFORE Entering the Justice System
  • College Prep Group
  • Trade/Apprenticeship Info Group
  • Feed the Need Program (Youth Program)
  • Family Connections Program
  • Beyond Home Initiative
  • Annual Holiday Help Program
  • Mentor Program
  • Anti-Bullying Pledge
  • Resume / Job Search / Interview Skills