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How to Recover From Getting Fired From Your Job

Getting fired from a job can be a challenging and emotional experience, particularly for individuals with a criminal record who may already face additional barriers in the job market. However, this setback can also be a turning point, leading to personal growth and new opportunities. We will provide Read More

Calls for Investigation Into Removal of Voters From Rolls

From sending voters misinformation about polling places to now kicking voters off the rolls, VA's Dept. of Elections has made it clear that they have no interest in bolstering public faith in our elections systems. More from the Virginia Election Protection Coalition Read More

How to Preserve Your Human Capital

Human capital is a blend of skills, knowledge, and personal attributes that form the foundation of one's ability to perform labor in a way that produces economic value. Navigating through post-conviction life can be complicated, but investing in your human capital can pave the way toward a stable an Read More

How to Protect Your Earnings as You Get Older

Life doesn’t always turn out how you expected, especially when it comes to your financial situation. You should ensure that your hard-earned money is properly used and protected to provide you with a more stable financial future. Here are a few ways to protect your earnings as you get older. Learn Read More

What to Do When Relocating for a New Job

While looking for job opportunities, you might find a job that requires you to relocate. This can be a big step, but a wonderful opportunity. Making a plan for relocating can help you through the transition.  Budget Your Costs  No matter where you move, you will have some costs. It’s better for Read More

How to Work Toward Career Success After Your Release

After being released from a prison sentence, one of the biggest challenges is re-entering the workforce and then finding success in your career. It can be difficult due to the gap in your job history as well as the hesitance employers may have about hiring someone with a criminal record despite thei Read More

Networking Tools Everyone Should Be Using to Land a Job

It’s hard to get by these days if you don’t have a steady job. Despite the high demand for employees in many areas, it’s still possible to struggle to find a job. That’s where networking tools come in handy. Using the right networking tools effectively can make it a lot easier to find a job. Read More

Tips for Productivity When Working Remotely

In the last few years, it has become increasingly common for people to work remotely. While this provides more flexibility and freedom, it also means you are solely responsible for your own productivity.  If you want to work successfully, you need to find ways to improve your productivity while wor Read More

Today is about #GivingThanks!

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  After #GIVINGTUESDAY…. Yesterday was #GivingTuesday… today is about #GivingThanks. We appreciate your support. It truly means the world to us. Nolef Turns was featured in the New York Times, by our partners at ACLU of Virginia, Move Team Virginia and New Leaders Council, among many o Read More

Risks That Come with Working a Blue-Collar Job

Blue-collar jobs are an integral part of society, and some of them even pay better than traditional white-collar jobs. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with serious risks. Before you decide to jump into your career, it is important to do it with your eyes wide open. Physical Exhaustion Read More
#GivingTuesday 2022

On this #GivingTuesday, we choose community

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Support Nolef Turns this #GivingTuesday. True success is about the lives touched and improved. Over the past 6 years, we’ve laid the foundation for a holistic care model that’s just getting started. We don’t just fight to free others; we fight to keep them free AND stable. We lead with dignity Read More

What Your Goals Should Be During the Interview Process

Landing a job is one thing, but acing the interview process is another. It’s important to remember that the interview isn’t just about impressing your potential employer–it’s also about figuring out if the job and company are a good fit for you. Here are three goals you should ke Read More

How to Adjust to Life After Prison

It can be difficult to adjust to life after prison. Many people find it hard to reenter society and struggle with the transition back into everyday life. This can be especially true for those who have been incarcerated for a long time.  Here are a few tips that can help make the adjustment easi Read More

Business Ideas That Can Help You Build a Future Post-Incarceration

The job world becomes extremely difficult for convicted individuals. Ex-cons often struggle to find employment, even when they are qualified. Entrepreneurship is a great way to free yourself from the biases of a potential employer. Offer Home Services This one is a great option because it is relativ Read More

Perks to Look for When Job Hunting

If you are looking for a new job, you obviously want to make sure that you are going to receive the salary you deserve for the work you will be doing. However, you also want to make sure that you are paying attention to the benefits and perks you will receive. Having the right perks… Read More

Why You Need a Network to Get a Job

Building a network is an essential part of entering the workforce and expanding your career options. It takes time to build a network, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. Having a good network in place helps you to get better jobs and to progress in your career. Learn About Opportunities You can Read More

How to Thrive in a New Job

New jobs are difficult for everybody – no matter who you are. Even the most experienced business executive struggles when switching companies. Here are some small but powerful ways that you can thrive in your new job environment. Understand the Goals of the Company Every company is distinct. Even Read More
What it Takes to Run Your Own Business

What it Takes to Run Your Own Business

Running your own business takes a lot of work. Before you start, you need to know what it takes to run your own business. You need to have the drive, to learn technical knowledge, and build leadership qualities. Have the Drive To run your own business, you need to have the drive. Running a business& Read More

How to Get a Job with Limited Education

Applying for jobs can be discouraging if most of the job applications request you to have extensive education that you just don’t have. However, you still have lots of skills that will help you to qualify for a job, even without having continued education. Here are a few tips for getting a job wit Read More

Financial Empowerment Series for Returned Citizens

Join Nolef Turns, in collaboration with Capital One, for a 4 week series on financial empowerment for individuals and their families who have been impacted by crime, trauma and incarceration. Let’s discuss unique challenges that incarceration may have on your finances and growth. Each class will c Read More

Let VA Voters Decide Week of Action

RSVP- February 28 10:30 am-12noon Monday- Virginia State Capitol, 1000 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219 House of Delegates gallery March 1st  7am-9am Tuesday House of Delegates P & E subcommittee meeting- Pocahontas Building, 900 East Main st Richmond VA 23219 Me Read More

One Voice Town Hall

URGENT: If Virginia lawmakers do not pass SJ 1 to #LetVAVote on the Right to Vote constitutional amendment, it will take years until we have another chance. Join a host of organizations & individuals who support the amendment this Thursday, 2/24, at 7 p.m. for our One Voice town hall to demand a Read More

Why It’s Important to Get to Know Your Workplace Well

Many full-time employees spend more of their waking hours with co-workers than they do with their families. Because of this, it is vital they feel comfortable and confident in their work environment. As an employee, it is important to get to know your workplace because it creates important relations Read More

Closed for Holidays

Our office will be closed from December 20, 2021 until 10am on January 10, 2022. We will not be accepting intake applications until January. As we prepare for our next General Assembly session, we will rest and process all that 2021 has been. Happy holidays from our families to yours. See you in the Read More

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday

  Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, the largest day of philanthropy across the country. We wanted to uplift all of the amazing things we’ve been able to accomplish together in the past year and a half. We could not have done any of this without you all. The majority of our support has come from small d Read More

Challenges That Formerly Incarcerated People Have When Job Hunting

For formerly incarcerated people, it has always been difficult to find jobs. The lockdowns and quarantines of the COVID-19 Pandemic have only made this process worse. Many formerly incarcerated people are struggling to find any kind of work, much less one that is stable and fulfilling. If you are a Read More

It’s our Founder’s Day!

Thank you to all of you who’ve helped us grow over the years! We should be celebrating the hard and dirty of the behind the scenes work but COVID and many other personal losses amongst our team pushed us to postpone our celebratory event. Today, we just want to uplift our gratitude and surviva Read More

Creating Cannabis Equity in Virginia

Today Columbia Care Virginia announced it is partnering with three organizations - BIPOCANN, the Virginia Minority Cannabis Coalition and Nolef Turns - to offer social equity-driven resources   for the developing cannabis community in Virginia. This group is dedicated to ensuring that Virginia’s Read More

Closed for Labor Day Holiday

Nolef Turns is taking a breather to prepare for the next few months. Our office will be closed from now until 10am on September 7th. Be safe over the Labor Day holiday and enjoy your week! Read More

Community Partner Spotlight: Regretful Heart Laser Tattoo Removal

Meet Our Newest Community Partner Regretful Heart Laser Tattoo Removal has partnered with Nolef Turns to offer pro bono / discounted laser tattoo removal services to individuals with justice involvement.  Are You Interested? As an official community partners, Nolef Turns participants are offered lo Read More

Is It Possible To Clear My Record?

If you’ve been convicted of some form of crime, having that record linger over you can be quite disheartening. If you feel that your situation could be rectified or that your conviction was unfair, there are ways to clear that record. Start with doing some preliminary research to find a good attor Read More

How Formerly Incarcerated People Can Expand Their Job Opportunities

When it comes to seeking employment, people who have a criminal record often find it difficult to find the right job. You are not alone. Approximately one-third of American adults have a criminal record and find plenty of factors holding them back. However, today’s world is so diverse, there are p Read More

Closed for New Year’s Holiday

Today wraps up a whirlwind of a year! As the page on the calendar changes, the fights remain the same - decarceration, reinstating parole, marijuana legalization with reparations, automatic expungement, the right to vote and self-sufficiency for those who are fighting to break down the barriers of f Read More

Make Black Friday Count!

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Giving Tuesday is Dec 1st but if you want to get a nice gift to support Nolef Turns, Cyn’s Jewelry is having a Black Friday sale to support our work! New items available! Here is a promo code:NLT2020 …and here is the direct link to the NLT collection: (or you ca Read More

Closed For Thanksgiving Holiday

Our offices will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving to give our volunteers much needed time to rest and regroup from the past several months of working tirelessly to support those who are impacted by court and incarceration. We will close promptly at 5pm on Friday, November 20, 2020 and will ret Read More

Key Components You Need to Nail on Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to LinkedIn, you want to stand out. With countless profiles on the networking website, it is a good idea to nail your first impression in order to do really well. Here are a few things you should focus on to make sure your profile stands out from the rest. The Photograph A… Read More

Virtual Fundraiser Hosted by Cyn’s Diamond Bar

Cyn’s Diamond Bar will be hosting a 4 day fundraiser on behalf of Nolef Turns Inc. this upcoming weekend at These bracelets will be available from 12:01am 8/13/20 to 11:59pm 8/16/20. Be sure to type NOLEF TURNS in the Add a Note box before checkout. All items will be custom Read More

Take the Pledge! Real Chances at Dignity After Convictions

There are over 46,000 collateral consequences - additional civil state penalties, mandated by statute, that attach to criminal convictions. The sentence never ends. There are 6.1 million people living with a felony conviction in America. If housing is truly a right, why do we allow convictions to de Read More

Join our ED, Sheba Williams, at the NLC Convention #AtHome

Join us at the New Leaders Council Convention #AtHome, a virtual 3 day event that features some of the most amazing minds around the country. Tickets are only $25 for all 3 days. Relax at home, party with DJ Ome, network nationwide, and catch our very own Executive Director, Sheba Williams, as she m Read More

Are you interested in expungement?

Do you have charges on your record that you were found not guilty of or have been acquitted of? Are you interested in exploring the option of expungement? Call Nolef Turns Inc. during business hours, Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm at 804-918-6470. Please leave only 1 message if no one answers. We are a Read More

Legal Aid Justice Center & Nolef Turns Inc. Partner to Discuss Driver’s License Suspensions in Virginia

Are you or someone you know one of the thousands of Virginians whose license was suspended due to unpaid court fines/fees? Watch this short video produced with Nolef Turns Inc. and check out our fact sheet at Legal Aid Justice Center.   Read More

Congratulations to our ED, Sheba Williams for joining Mayor Stoney’s Task Force on Reimagining Public Safety

After careful consideration and consultation with the community that we serve, our Executive Director, Sheba Williams, has accepted a position on Mayor Levar Stoney's Reimagining Public Safety Task Force. The decision to join was not taken lightly, as our work over the past 5 years has been directly Read More

Guess Who’s A Brawny Giant!!!

Since COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, Nolef Turns Inc. has been focused on helping people who are released from prison #flattenthecurve, taking our PRE- and Re-Entry efforts to virtual, taking our restoration of rights and voter registration efforts to the phone, and now we’re gearing up to sup Read More

CNBC+Acorns HomeGROWn Heroes Nomination

Congratulations to our fearless Executive Director, Sheba Williams, who has been nominated as one of many CNBC+Acorns HomeGROWn Heroes. Check out the many heroes serving through the pandemic. Read More

How Writing Well Can Lead to Job Opportunities

Did you ever hate your writing classes in high school or in college? Writing can be quite difficult, but knowing how to write well is an incredibly useful skill, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. Employers are often impressed with employees who know how to write well. Here are three ways Read More

#givingthanks to Molly Reeder, Olivia Wilson & Richmond Bakers Against Racism

Through all of the craziness of the pandemic and a national uprising in race relations, Molly Reeder, Richmond-based illustrator, sponsored a raffle of her beautiful art print of an East African Banana plant on 6/12/20. Molly Reeder and Olivia Wilson are also the brains behind Richmond Bakers Agains Read More

Art Auction to Benefit Nolef Turns Inc. hosted by Molly Reeder

On 6/12/20, Illustrator Molly Reeder will be raffling off her beautiful East African Highland Banana Flower, in watercolor 11"x16" on Instagram. All entry donations will go to benefit Nolef Turns Inc. 100% of the donations received will be donated. Read More

#givingthanks to The Weight Room

There are few things that leave us speechless but The Weight Room (3413 Carlton Street, Richmond, VA 23230) got us this week. I received a brief call and on the other end the caller wanted to know what the best way to donate was. I told him and we ended the call. I was helping… Read More
Soul Taco RVA

#GivingThanks to Soul Taco RVA

#givingthanks this morning to Soul Taco for hosting a fundraiser for Nolef Turns Inc. on June 4 & 5, 2020. They are temporarily serving at Kabana Rooftop due to the Novel Coronavirus restrictions on restaurants, so many thanks to them for having us. I received a call from Trey, the owner of So Read More

#TacosforJustice with Soul Taco RVA!!!

While we literally are being a lifeline for families of returning citizens and having some much needed, comic relief as we learn/teach through virtual services, this is an amazing gesture of support. We appreciate you Soul Taco and Kabana Rooftop ???????????? #Repost @soultacorva with @get_repo Read More

Happy Pride Month!!!

We stand in solidarity with all of our LGBTQA+ friends, family and allies. We're so thankful for all of our friends/family who take the time to teach us, support us, check us and make our lives better! ????????????❤️???????????????? Read More

COVID-19 Mutual Relief Fund Update

We're winding down this fundraiser and just wanted to update everyone and thank you for your support. So far, we have had an impact on over 188 families in the area. Outside of temporary shelter, we have been able to provide food, medical supplies, gloves, masks, tablets, gas cards and various other Read More

Tom Tom Festival: Virtual Justice Roundtable

On April 24, 2020, our Executive Director was invited to join a powerhouse of individuals who are all passionate about decarceration and working towards reform in the face of COVID-19. Join our leaders and so many more in Charlottesville, VA for the rescheduled Tom Tom Festival September 21-27, 2020 Read More


This Tuesday, May 5, 2020 was #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving in November, but COVID-19 has had such a detrimental impact on our lives that we did a global day of giving in May. Overwhelming support is an understatement. You all have been there every step of the way to Read More

#GivingTuesdayNow Recovery Fund

Family and friends, we need your help.... This Tuesday, May 5, 2020, is #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW. You all know that #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving in November, but COVID-19 has had such a detrimental impact on our lives that we’re doing a global day of giving in May. Will you help us to rai Read More

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Today and everyday, you are appreciated Read More

Mutual Aid Fund

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world as we know it. As many fellow advocates are calling for the release of the most vulnerable populations who are incarcerated, our organization is dealing with a huge influx in re-entry requests and we continue to support our community as a whole, wh Read More

COVID-19 Update

In the past few weeks, our advocacy and community support was sent into overdrive. After providing everything from food, water, personal hygiene items, and tablets to gift cards for medications and hotel stays, we’ve made the difficult but necessary decision to go to all virtual support of our com Read More

“The Zag” Interview with Founder/Executive Director, Sheba Williams

Check out our Founder & Executive Director, Sheba Williams in her latest interview with Eric DeSobe of New Leaders Council LA, on his podcast "The Zag". Get the scoop on what Nolef Turns Inc. is up to and learn about New Leaders Council VA Chapter. If you are looking to make change in your commu Read More

2019 Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to our Founder & Executive Director, Sheba Williams on being part of Style Weekly’s 2019 Top 40 Under 40. It is awesome to see her recognized for her hard work and dedication to those living through systems of injustice. Check out the October 22, 2019 edition of Style Weekly to Read More

What Can I Do to Improve My Driving Skills as a Trucker?

Having a long and consistent hauling career involves not only getting the job but continuing to better your skills. Seeking to improve yourself as a truck driver brings a plethora of benefits to you, your employer and society. With skills training, you are honing your trade while becoming more aware Read More

Can You Become a Lawyer with a Felony Conviction?

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes involve the law. If one of your mistakes has led to a felony conviction, you may think that you have no hope of a new career in the legal field. Actually, you do. Although becoming a lawyer is more challenging after a felony conviction, it’ Read More

3 Tips for Maintaining a Class A CDL License

You have put significant time and effort into obtaining your Class A CDL license. You are proud, and you appreciate the stability, skill, and freedom it provides you. Though you are responsible, there are still some things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your license. Sometimes, it can Read More

2019 Birdies For Charities Fundraiser Kicks Off Today

TODAY, we kick off our Annual Birdies for Charities Fundraiser ( This year, we are focused on connecting individuals with lived experience with youth and their families to prevent entry into the juvenile and adult systems. We continue our work in juvenile and criminal justice Read More

Women to Women Empowerment Brunch

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Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Elevation, Encouragement and Networking Join us for a great discussion and brunch. Tickets: $25 includes Powerful speakers, brunch, raffles, fellowship, vendors and free give aways. Get your tickets on Eventbrite or contact Shakira: 240-779-7781  Read More

RISE for Youth presents: Racial, Social & Juvenile Justice Reformation Forum

Join Nolef Turns Inc. / The Institute of Forgiveness and other stakeholders, as invited guests of RISE for Youth for an intimate and powerful discussion on racial, social and juvenile justice reformation in the state of Virginia. This is a public and open call for support of all Virginians for chang Read More

Shop With A Smile For Cyber Monday!!!

This Cyber Monday, do your regular Amazon shopping at and AmazonSmile donates  to Nolef Turns Inc.         Read More

Congrats to our ED on being nominated for a Great Nonprofit Award

Congrats to our Executive Director, Sheba Williams, on being a nominated for the 2018 Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA's Great Nonprofit Award. Though she did not make it as a finalist, she's the best in our eyes! Read More

This Is The Final Week to Donate!

This is the final week to donate. We need your support! Help us reach our goal of $25,000 that goes toward our mentoring and trade program the Institute of Forgiveness, connecting youth and adults with justice involvement. We’re working towards strengthening families, decreasing poverty and improv Read More

Final Week to Win Tickets To DECC Golf Tournament

Help us reach our goal of $25,000 that goes toward our mentoring and trade program, The Institute of Forgiveness. We need your support. This is the last week to win tickets to the Dominion Energy Charity Classic golf tournament. We are doing our 2nd annual fundraising event to support those in the c Read More

Help us kick off our 2nd Annual Fundraising Event

We’re kicking off the 2nd annual big fundraising event to support those in the community with justice involvement. Help us reach our goal of $25,000 that goes toward our mentoring and trade program, The Institute of Forgiveness. We work for strengthening families, decreasing poverty and improv Read More

Kroger Shoppers… Support Nolef Turns Inc. for free!

    If you shop at Kroger, you can support Nolef Turns Inc. simply by linking your Kroger Plus Card to our organization and shopping just like you do now. Don’t have a Kroger Plus Card? Pick one up for free at any Kroger location and go online to register and enroll in Community Rewards.&hel Read More

New Location and Re-Opening

It’s been a long few months working on the go. Still getting caught up on our previous clients’ cases, officially re-opening at our new office location on 8/6/18… 2317 Westwood Ave. Ste. 209, Richmond, VA 23230 Be on the lookout for: Walk in Wednesday’s for restoration of rig Read More

Shopping for Mother’s Day! Support Nolef Turns while you shop…

Your shopping matters. This Mother’s Day, shop for Mom at and Amazon donates to Nolef Turns Inc. Read More

Our Office Is Moving!

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please direct any inquiries to until further notice. Mail can be sent to: PO Box 441 Henrico, VA 23075-0441     Thank you for your patience, understanding and support in this matter. Read More

Moving On: How to Find New Purpose After a Conviction

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You messed up. Whatever the case is, you now find yourself on the wrong end of the justice system. You are dealing with all the things that come with a legal case: tons of legal fees, pain with your family, and perhaps incarceration. This is a tough time, but you need to stay focused and… Read More

How Common is Prosecutorial Overreach in the United States?

Our mission is to help those who have been accused or convicted of a crime get back on their feet. If this is you, you know that this is an uphill battle. There are forces in this world that are hellbent on keeping you down. Unfortunately, in some jurisdictions, one of these forces is the… Read More

Do You Believe In Second Chances? April is Second Chances Month!!!

Do you believe in second chances? April is Second Chances Month. Last year, at the urging of Prison Fellowship and its partners, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring April “Second Chance Month”. This April, in partnership with more than 75 organizations, Prison Fellowship wi Read More

Resources for Finding New Employment After Serving Time for Domestic Violence

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If you have ever served time for a domestic violence conviction, it may seem difficult to secure employment. Summit Defense explains that “even a first-time conviction can lead to serious consequences and affect your employment prospects, your good name, burden you with a permanent criminal record Read More

Triple AmazonSmile donation promotion starts today

Triple AmazonSmile donation promotion starts today3x your impact! Amazon is tripling the donation rate on your first Amazon Smile purchase now – through March 31! Go to and Amazon donates to Nolef Turns Inc. Read More

“Ending Mass Incarceration in Virginia”

Featuring Ms. Lillie Branch-Kennedy, founder of RIHD (Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged) and Antwyne Calloway, prison reform advocate. Read More

Happy New Year 2018!

From our family to yours! Happy New Year! Thank you all for an amazing 2017. We are so proud of the work we've accomplished so far and look forward to serving more people this year. Be safe, be prosperous and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018! Nolef Turns Inc. will be closed until January& Read More

Treating an Opioid Overdose

Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Inc. All rights reserved. Read More

Virginia Senate Votes to Increase Larceny Threshold

Virginia Senate Votes to Increase Larceny Threshold: The Virginia Senate has advanced a bill that would increase the threshold of what is considered a felony larceny. Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Inc. All rights reserved. Read More

Happy Veteran’s Day

Thank you for your service, today and always Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Inc. All rights reserved. Read More

Important Information Regarding November 8 General and Special Elections

Important Information Regarding November 8 General and Special Elections: City of Richmond Residents are informed that the General and Special elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 for the U.S. Presi… Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Inc. All rights reserved. Read More

Schapiro: For some Va. Republicans, lifelong voting bar is a non-starter

Schapiro: For some Va. Republicans, lifelong voting bar is a non-starter: But could both political parties be missing the point? Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Inc. All rights reserved. Read More

Republicans plan to sue McAuliffe over order restoring rights to felons

Republicans plan to sue McAuliffe over order restoring rights to felons: Virginia Republican leaders have hired a prominent conservative lawyer to lead an expected court challenge to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s recent order restoring voting rights for 206,000 felons. Copyright © 2017 Nolef Turns, Read More

To be successful in criminal justice reform and to continue to provide pre-entry, re-entry and post-conviction services, we must have commitment and support from our community partners.