#givingthanks to The Weight Room

There are few things that leave us speechless but The Weight Room (3413 Carlton Street, Richmond, VA 23230) got us this week. I received a brief call and on the other end the caller wanted to know what the best way to donate was. I told him and we ended the call. I was helping a participant through a crisis so I hung up and continued to do what I was doing.

A few hours passed and I checked the organization's emails and received notification of a donation. When I opened it to get the details, I was almost brought to tears. I took to social media to thank The Weight Room for their generous donation and received this response....

This made my heart smile, on a day when the outlook on the world was gloomy. I was pleasantly surprised and I really needed uplifting in that moment. Please support The Weight Room. This is a sacrifice that means the world to so many people. Visit their gym, become a member and support their efforts!!!


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