COVID-19 Mutual Relief Fund Update

We're winding down this fundraiser and just wanted to update everyone and thank you for your support. So far, we have had an impact on over 188 families in the area. Outside of temporary shelter, we have been able to provide food, medical supplies, gloves, masks, tablets, gas cards and various other needs. We had 5 individuals who became ill and needed to self-quarantine for 14 days. 4 have recovered from the virus; 1 did not. We will never get the opportunity to meet this young man in person or see the potential good he was prepared to put out into the world. His mother wants to share that she is grateful for everyone who supported her "baby boy" and would much rather he passed a free man than in a prison cell.
Had it not been for your unwavering support, there would have been much more mourning and loss. This experience has taught us to give great care to our neighbors. The needs will continue to grow and change but food, shelter and basic needs will always remain at the forefront our work. We will continue to provide these services and we will continue to practice virtual/no contact re-entry support until further notice.
Thank you all for supporting these efforts. You have literally been life savers during this time! We will begin the withdrawal process so that we can continue to support those in need as courts begin to reopen to process evictions and criminal cases, and as people begin to navigate the employment and housing processes. Donations can continue to be made through 5/30/20.


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