How to Work Toward Career Success After Your Release

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After being released from a prison sentence, one of the biggest challenges is re-entering the workforce and then finding success in your career. It can be difficult due to the gap in your job history as well as the hesitance employers may have about hiring someone with a criminal record despite their qualifications and work ethic. After your release, there are many things you can do to help you find success in your career. 

Find a Mentor 

Everyone can benefit from seeking out help when going through a difficult challenge. Having a mentor on your side gives you a personal coach to help you get back into the workforce. Your mentor can help you increase your skills, get the qualifications you need, and create connections for you. A mentor can vouch for you to others and give you an edge as you look for jobs and advancements. Your mentor should also be someone who’s advanced in your field, so they know what experience you need and they can teach you the ins and outs of the trade. 

Take Baby Steps 

It can be difficult and even discouraging as you begin your journey through the workforce. Finding a job can take longer than you expect and working your way up to your ideal job can also be a long road. To help you get through this, focus on taking baby steps. Small improvements sustained over time can lead to exponential change. 

After a long period of small steps, you can look back on a large amount of improvement. As a part of taking these baby steps, create small and realistic goals for yourself that help you reach larger goals. Celebrate each time you achieve one of these smaller goals. 

Expand Your Options 

It’s easy to get focused on one field or one type of job. However, it’s beneficial to expand your focus and look at many different jobs and opportunities. When looking for jobs, apply to lots of different options. You never know what opportunities you might find. If you end up at one job, it doesn’t mean you have to stay there forever. After your release, you can start out a transition job. This can be an easy, simple job you can work as you’re looking for better options. 


It can be hard to move forward once you’ve been released. However, don’t feel discouraged. There are plenty of options available to you. Keep your head held high and take advantage of the tools available to you. 

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