3 Tips for Maintaining a Class A CDL License

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You have put significant time and effort into obtaining your Class A CDL license. You are proud, and you appreciate the stability, skill, and freedom it provides you. Though you are responsible, there are still some things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your license. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget the details. Read on to learn tips for maintaining your A CDL license.

Keep Yourself Clean

Keeping yourself clean is perhaps the most important thing you can do to maintain your Class A CD License. Avoid any illegal substance before work and while you are driving your vehicle, including all illegal drugs. Keep traces of these elements out of your system in case you have a drug test. Even prescription and other legal substances can affect the ability to perform your job duties, such as prescribed muscle relaxers or even cough medicine that is overstimulating or makes your sleepy. If you are ever in doubt, ask your supervisor. 

Keep a Clean Driving Record

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your Class A CDL license is to maintain a clean driving record. A clean record is one that is free of accidents, moving violations or points. There are many habits that you can develop to help prevent such incidents. Do not text and drive. If you need to text then pull over, in a legal way, and then text. Texting and driving is distracted driving and one of the highest causes of car accidents. Practicing safe truck driving habits can save your license, your job, and your life.

Proper Sleep Habits

Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the major causes of accidents in the United States. As a truck driver, it can be extremely difficult to develop a consistent sleep schedule, but consistent sleep is not only going to help prevent incidents and maintain your Class A CDL License but it also helps prevents heart attacks and you will feel better.

All three of these tips mentioned are for your own benefit, but more importantly, implementing them can save the lives of the people around you. So if you are ever tempted or unsure if something you want to do is a good idea or not, then err on the side of caution, because it just isn’t worth the risk. There can be lasting consequences for the choices you make.


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