Self Care Retreat

Category : Nolef Turns Inc.

We are officially closed for a week to focus on self care. We will return on September 21, 2020 prepared to welcome our new members, with a new website, and a few changes to our programs and services.
Weโ€™re growing and changing and COVID has pushed the need to fight for de-carceration, housing, policy changes and employment even more.
Become a member today at Directly impacted individuals are welcomed and prioritized ๐Ÿ’™

#givingthanks to Paddy Hams

Special Thanks to Paddy Hams!!!

Thank you to Paddy Hams, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, for hosting a t-shirt and poster sale to benefit Nolef Turns Inc. Starting on 8/20/20, 100% of t-shirt sales and posters will benefit the Re-Entry and Jail Support efforts of Nolef Turns Inc.

Check out the sale at Paddy Hams Shop. 100% of sales will go directly to Nolef Turns Inc.



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