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How to Overcome Employment Obstacles After Release

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After serving time, getting back into normal life can be a serious struggle. Beyond that, finding reliable employment is often an even bigger struggle. If you are feeling anxious about your options or qualifications for careers after your release, consider these ways of overcoming employment obstacles.

Learn How to Market Yourself

Having a record may make you a liability for companies. During the interview or application process, you need to market yourself to potential employers in a way that demonstrates your abilities as a worker, your potential for and dedication towards growth, and your trustworthiness. Tell your story! Be humble and accept responsibility for your actions, but explain your circumstances then and what you have learned since. Talk about what motivates you now, what your goals are, and what you have to offer as an employee—employers are particularly impressed by interviewees that demonstrate determination, loyalty, and a good work ethic.

Expunge Your Record

If at all possible, try to expunge your record! This allows you to apply for any job without the stress of disclosing that you have ever been arrested or even convicted. Expungement can be achieved by working with an attorney. The process can be long and strenuous, but having a clear record in the end will alleviate much of the stress and remove the impediments that a criminal record can cause for your job hunt. It’s worth at least looking into!

Look in the Right Fields

Apply to the right positions. Don’t devalue your skills and experience—consider what you have worked at in the past, and use that to your advantage. You likely will not be able to jump right back into a high-level position like you might have been in before, but you can start on a lower rung within that same field or similar, and work your way up from there. Entry level positions are well worth the patience required to prove yourself and gain more experience, skills and recommendations that will move you into higher paying, higher status jobs. Make your search as broad as possible… you never know what beginning will lead you to your best success! Apply to a wide variety of jobs that are still relevant to your skills and interests. Network as much as possible and focus on building relationships of trust.


Once you’re released, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome. But getting a solid job doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it certainly isn’t impossible. Be patient, be understanding, work hard, and look for the right avenues that will get you where you want to go!


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Is It Possible To Clear My Record?

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If you’ve been convicted of some form of crime, having that record linger over you can be quite disheartening. If you feel that your situation could be rectified or that your conviction was unfair, there are ways to clear that record. Start with doing some preliminary research to find a good attorney to work with.


According to the Court of Appeal BC, if you’ve already been convicted of a crime, appealing is the next step to take to clear your record. You’ll need to work with an experienced attorney to file a notice of appeal and then once the notice is underway, your attorney will comb through all the court documents to find anything in the previous proceedings where legal errors were made.

This research will enable a lawyer to make an opening brief that presents what happened in court and then presents arguments as to why the previous trial was done incorrectly. Ultimately, if you have a good lawyer and if you have good reasons to appeal, you may be able to reverse the charges.

Expunging Records

According to Rogers Beltran LLP, even if you have been convicted, expungement will clear your criminal record and help you get a fresh start. Expungement means that a court erases the charges from your records and the previous conviction functionally does not exist in the public record or even in the courtroom.

If you’re hoping to have your record expunged, do your research to figure out if your offense is even possible to expunge in your jurisdiction. If it is, you are usually required to go a certain amount of time without any form of reoffending or similar offense.

Sealing Records

According to Texas Law Help, another way to clear your record in effect is to have your record sealed. Sealing your record is similar to expunging it in that your record will not show up on background checks for things like job applications or to receive licensing. However, it is different from expungement in that the record still exists in court though it is erased from the public record.

Expungement is generally the better option if available to you, but depending on your situation or state, you might only be available to have your records sealed.

As you go forward with the process of trying to clear your record, make sure you have a good attorney. Getting the right person for the job will make a world of difference in reversing your conviction. Do more research about your specific jurisdiction as well so that you better understand the laws relevant to your situation.

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