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How to Ask Your Employer for a Raise

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Many employees know how stressful and nerve-wracking it can be asking their employer for a raise, but it must be done sooner or later. No one wants to be told no when it comes to getting a raise. However, fearing the worst doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. In order to maximize your chances of a positive outcome, you need a plan. Here’s how to ask your employer for a raise.

Clear Communication

When you sit down and talk to your boss about a pay increase, effective communication is a must. While you need to share your desires, you also need to allow your boss to do the same. Maybe they want to see more work coming from you or an improvement in the quality. Another factor you need to consider is that you might not yet qualify for a raise. Your boss may feel like you haven’t met the requirements or their standards. Having effective communication with your boss will clear up any confusion and put you on the right track towards getting a raise.

Schedule a Meeting With Your Boss

When you’re able to, go to your boss and schedule a meeting with them to talk about a raise. During the conference, your boss should discuss expectations and where you currently stand. You may have already met some of their expectations, but not all of them. Your boss should be able to tell you have accomplished and what you still need to do before you’re eligible for a raise.

Show That You’re Grateful

Before you bring up the subject of getting a raise, make sure you express your gratitude for everything you currently have. Let your boss know that you love your job and appreciate the opportunity they’ve given you. Your boss will be more lenient towards giving you a raise if you show your appreciation. If you solely focus on talking about the raise, it could significantly hurt your chances.

Although asking for a raise can make you nervous, not asking for one when you deserve it even worse. Even if you’re turned down for a raise, don’t be discouraged. Maybe the company doesn’t have the funds to increase your pay, or maybe you haven’t filled certain expectations as of yet. Simply wait a little while, do the best work you can and ask again when you think it’s the right time.

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3 High-Paying Careers for People With Criminal Records

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It’s easy to find yourself with a criminal record, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a long and rewarding career. Whether it was a single misdemeanor for a small crime or a felony for something more serious, you’ve always got options. Many career paths thrive by giving convicted criminals a second chance. Your past doesn’t define who you are. Change your future by checking out some rewarding jobs.


Construction is often viewed as a “blue-collar” career, but it’s perfect for hardworking individuals who need a second chance. If you have no prior experience, seek out positions that are entry-level apprenticeships. Many temp agencies can help with placement if you’re unsure of how to start. Construction workers make a pretty good living if they’re willing to put in the work. For example, many employees report bringing in wages around $30 an hour with the potential for overtime. As you gain experience, your skills will be eligible for higher paychecks. The specialties available within construction are vast, so you are sure to have steady work. From carpentry to flooring, there’s nothing standing in your way. Additionally, construction is a great way to spend your day doing something meaningful. It’s challenging yet rewarding. You’ll make lifelong relationships too. If you’re ready to turn your life around, consider going into construction.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate is another great industry to try if you have some sort of criminal record. This business is very understanding and forgiving. You don’t have to have a college degree, either. To succeed, you just have to be hardworking. To be recognized as legitimate, you’ll want to obtain your license. The requirements vary from state to state, but you’ll typically need to pass a course followed by an exam. Agents in real estate who work hard can bring in a lot of money from commissions. The job requires some charisma, but it also requires you to be a self-starter. You’ll frequently find yourself interacting with others. From listing houses to showing properties to potential buyers, you’ll always have to interact with people. Where you live is a factor of how much you can earn. Depending on the area, real estate agents can make over 100K a year. Don’t let your record stop you from entering real estate.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers literally drive the country, and you could get in on it. There’s no shortage of need for drivers, and companies accept hard workers, even those with criminal records. Many employers offer paid training that allows you to make money while learning. Before you can work, you’ll have to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Once you’re official, you can begin making a lot of money, often by your mileage. Average first-year drivers make around $40,000 yearly. It’s hard work, but you can become an important member of the driving teams.

You have all the power to give yourself an amazing future. Aspire to excel in construction, truck driving or even real estate to show the world that criminal records don’t matter. You’re a hard worker, and you’re going to make it.


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