It’s #GIVINGTUESDAY! Will you host a fundraiser for Nolef Turns Inc.

Nolef Turns Inc. needs your help on this #GIVINGTUESDAY

Family and friends, we need your help….

In the past 3 years, we’ve been working on breaking systems (juvenile and criminal justice). People tend to call me to the table and say they want justice for all but leave out people who’ve had justice involvement. In the past 3 years, Nolef Turns Inc. has had a 0% recidivism rate; not one person who’s completed the intake process and worked with us has returned to jail/prison. It’s not easy work; in fact, it’s hard as hell. We put our own money behind the majority of the work. We do everything from employment assistance to business startup to voter registration to helping get people signed up for Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, trade programs and GED programs. My family has been drained by our involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems and in my family alone, I get calls about everything from jobs to housing to voter registration so I know the impact is far reaching.

Employment and housing are two of the largest concerns that lead to stability and the fact is, I’m not satisfied with the few options people who’ve done their time have to accept or choose from. We have a vision to address both but we need your help.

#GivingTuesday is coming up on Dec 3rd. I encourage everyone who’s reading this, especially my family and friends, to create your own fundraiser for Nolef Turns Inc. on Tuesday, December 3rd. Facebook will be matching funds beginning at 8am so it’s important to start the fundraiser early on Tuesday. It’s time to create better options for families who have been impacted by these systems. Thanks in advance.

Sheba Williams, Executive Director

Vote for Nolef Turns Inc. #MyGivingStory

Vote for Nolef Turns Inc. #MyGivingStory

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Vote and share daily for Nolef Turns Inc. at Entries with the most votes by December 10th will be eligible to win grants up to $10,000 for their chosen nonprofit organization.


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