Help Save Those With Justice Involvement From Evictions

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Effective June 28, 2020, Governor Northam has declined to extend the rent moratorium in our state. Evictions will resume on June 29, 2020. There were 1,900 evictions on file prior to the rent moratorium being lifted. Our focus is now shifting to saving those who have a criminal records from eviction. Why those with a criminal record? Because of all of the collateral consequences of a conviction and the harsh and continuous punishment for a past conviction, if you couple a past record with an eviction, it is near impossible to find suitable housing.…/supreme-court-of-virginia-lifts-evi…/

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#givingthanks to Molly Reeder, Olivia Wilson & Richmond Bakers Against Racism

Special Thanks to Molly Reeder and Olivia Wilson!

Through all of the craziness of the pandemic and a national uprising in race relations, Molly Reeder, Richmond-based illustrator, sponsored a raffle of her beautiful art print of an East African Banana plant on 6/12/20.

Molly Reeder and Olivia Wilson are also the brains behind Richmond Bakers Against Racism, a city wide bake off fundraiser that supports Nolef Turns Inc., Richmond For All, Richmond Peace Team, Richmond Food Justice Alliance and Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton.

Check out the details on the city wide bake off via Style Weekly and RVA Magazine. Pre-sales for the city wide bake off sold out in 9 hours!!! Missed the pre-sale??? You still have the opportunity to purchase items this Saturday, June 20, 2020 between 10am - 2pm at Brenner Pass Patio, 3200 Rockbridge St. Ste. 100, Richmond, VA 23230 or you can donate directly here.

Richmond Bakers Against Racism


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