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How Formerly Incarcerated People Can Expand Their Job Opportunities

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When it comes to seeking employment, people who have a criminal record often find it difficult to find the right job. You are not alone. Approximately one-third of American adults have a criminal record and find plenty of factors holding them back. However, today’s world is so diverse, there are plenty of career opportunities, no matter your past.

Learn Advanced Skills

A major factor that will help you in the job market is your education and advanced skills. Your salary will not only increase if you have a degree but your writing, reading, comprehension, and communication skills will assist you in your chances of getting hired. Whether you go to a technical trade school or a university, what you specialize in will provide even more opportunities for advancement.

Look into Expungement

Following the conviction of a crime, it is hard to get jobs in certain fields. The healthcare, childcare, and financial industries are a few that do not employ convicted felons. However, convictions on the federal and state level can be pardoned by the president or governor. If you are interested in healthcare, you can get more opportunities in the healthcare field by turning to an attorney to fight to expunge your record. Your career will thank you when you explore the various ways, including hiring an attorney, to assist you in clearing your record.

Be Patient

Numerous career opportunities will open up to you if you are patient in your current circumstances. Job promotions and raises will always come when you put in the work and wait for the right time. Through demonstrating good work performance and staying consistent with the rules, you will prove yourself worthy of advancements. After a while, either through your current company or at another, you find the job opportunities much more varied than when you started.

Many have said that those with a criminal record often have more to bring to an organization as an employee because they are willing to prove themselves and move away from their past. Their eagerness is what makes them excellent employees. When looking for job opportunities, your success will depend on the advanced skills you obtain, whether or not you can expunge your record, and patience with the advancement process. Doing so will open doors you may not have previously thought possible.

If you’re looking for a job after you’ve gotten out of jail and you’re having a hard time, we can help you find one! Explore our career opportunities here.

Closed for New Year’s Holiday

Today wraps up a whirlwind of a year! As the page on the calendar changes, the fights remain the same – decarceration, reinstating parole, marijuana legalization with reparations, automatic expungement, the right to vote and self-sufficiency for those who are fighting to break down the barriers of felony convictions.

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