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Community Partner Spotlight: Regretful Heart Laser Tattoo Removal

Meet Our Newest Community Partner

Regretful Heart Laser Tattoo Removal has partnered with Nolef Turns to offer pro bono / discounted laser tattoo removal services to individuals with justice involvement. 

Are You Interested?

As an official community partners, Nolef Turns participants are offered low or no cost laser tattoo removal services, provided by Regretful Heart Laser Tattoo Removal. If you are interested in getting a new start with the laser tattoo removal service and are a current participant in our program, contact us with your needs and we will arrange a consultation. 

#givingthanks to Paddy Hams

Special Thanks to Paddy Hams!!!

Thank you to Paddy Hams, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, for hosting a t-shirt and poster sale to benefit Nolef Turns Inc. Starting on 8/20/20, 100% of t-shirt sales and posters will benefit the Re-Entry and Jail Support efforts of Nolef Turns Inc.

Check out the sale at Paddy Hams Shop. 100% of sales will go directly to Nolef Turns Inc.



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