Community Partner Spotlight: Dayspring Pens

Meet Our Newest Community Partner

Dayspring Pens is a small e-commerce business located in Virginia Beach. Dayspring Pens has specialized in personalized luxury gifts for 28 years. They carry their own line of premium gifts as well as other quality brands such as Cross, Parker and Waterman. Dayspring Pens believes in supporting their local community and gifted Nolef Turns with 50 of their brilliantly designed pens.

Get your personalized pens today. 


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It’s our Founder’s Day!

Thank you to all of you who’ve helped us grow over the years!

We should be celebrating the hard and dirty of the behind the scenes work but COVID and many other personal losses amongst our team pushed us to postpone our celebratory event. Today, we just want to uplift our gratitude and survival because let’s be honest, Virginia and it’s political landscape is unforgiving.

To our board and advisors, there aren’t enough words to express how much you mean ?????

To the many community partners, every single volunteer, our donors and supporters, even the naysayers, and most importantly, to all of those who’ve attributed to a continuing zero percent recidivism rate – THANK YOU ?

Criminal and juvenile legal systems are broken and dysfunctional. We all deserve better. We all deserve love and to have the resources we need to never have to enter these unforgiving systems. We deserve community and access to basic human needs.

Here’s to the next 5 years of breaking down one barrier at a time by living in our truths, taking care of our community and educating others who have the benefit of never coming in contact with carceral systems meant to destroy us.


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