Community Partner Spotlight: Dayspring Pens

Meet Our Newest Community Partner

Dayspring Pens is a small e-commerce business located in Virginia Beach. Dayspring Pens has specialized in personalized luxury gifts for 28 years. They carry their own line of premium gifts as well as other quality brands such as Cross, Parker and Waterman. Dayspring Pens believes in supporting their local community and gifted Nolef Turns with 50 of their brilliantly designed pens.

Get your personalized pens today. 


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Financial Empowerment Series for Returned Citizens

Financial Empowerment Series for Returning Citizens

Join Nolef Turns, in collaboration with Capital One, for a 4 week series on financial empowerment for individuals and their families who have been impacted by crime, trauma and incarceration. Let’s discuss unique challenges that incarceration may have on your finances and growth. Each class will cover a different topic so please sign up for each week’s training. Join us for the month of June to learn about everything from banking basics, to credit, to savings and assets management.

June 1 - Banking Basics

June 15 - Credit

June 22 - Savings

June 29 - Assets Management


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