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How to Make Yourself More Desirable as A Candidate If You’re Looking for Warehouse Work

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Most entry level warehouse positions don’t require a lot of qualifications. This means almost everyone qualifies. With so many qualified people, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. In order to land the job, you are going to have to find a way to make a good impression on the hiring team. Here are three tips that can help you out.

Know the Industry

One of the problems that a business faces when they need to replace an employee is training. It takes time for a new employee to learn about their position and the industry and become an effective member of the team. If you can show that you already have knowledge, then you will become an effective team member much more quickly. There is a lot more to warehouse work than just moving things around.

Before going into an interview, you should know what types of products the warehouse handles. You should learn about these products. You want to know the challenges that the warehouse is facing. Learn about efficiency techniques that other warehouses in the same industry are using. This will give you plenty of things that you can talk about when you interview.

Know the Safety Practices

Warehouses are dangerous places. There are many ways you can hurt yourself. You can drop something on your foot, items can fall from shelves, you can hurt your back lifting improperly, the list goes on. You should familiarize yourself with safety practices and commit to following them. Even demonstrating knowledge of the safety colors in the interview can help. By having a prior knowledge of safety, your interviewers will realize that you will help promote workplace safety. Companies want safe employees because they reduce the chances of injuries on the job which will hurt the company’s productivity, public image, and morale.

Be Physically Fit

Warehouses tend to require a lot of physical work. Even if with tools like pallet jacks, forklifts, and carts, you will still have to do some heavy lifting. This means that it is important to be physically fit. If you are too small, your employer might not believe that you are capable of meeting the physical lifting demands of the job. If you are overweight, your employer might not think you will have the energy to work hard throughout the day.

When you go in for your interview, remember to be genuine. Be honest and straightforward about who you are and why you want the job. Interviewers are used to being lied to, so they will respect you when they can tell that you are being honest.

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How to Ask Your Employer for a Raise

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Many employees know how stressful and nerve-wracking it can be asking their employer for a raise, but it must be done sooner or later. No one wants to be told no when it comes to getting a raise. However, fearing the worst doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. In order to maximize your chances of a positive outcome, you need a plan. Here’s how to ask your employer for a raise.

Clear Communication

When you sit down and talk to your boss about a pay increase, effective communication is a must. While you need to share your desires, you also need to allow your boss to do the same. Maybe they want to see more work coming from you or an improvement in the quality. Another factor you need to consider is that you might not yet qualify for a raise. Your boss may feel like you haven’t met the requirements or their standards. Having effective communication with your boss will clear up any confusion and put you on the right track towards getting a raise.

Schedule a Meeting With Your Boss

When you’re able to, go to your boss and schedule a meeting with them to talk about a raise. During the conference, your boss should discuss expectations and where you currently stand. You may have already met some of their expectations, but not all of them. Your boss should be able to tell you have accomplished and what you still need to do before you’re eligible for a raise.

Show That You’re Grateful

Before you bring up the subject of getting a raise, make sure you express your gratitude for everything you currently have. Let your boss know that you love your job and appreciate the opportunity they’ve given you. Your boss will be more lenient towards giving you a raise if you show your appreciation. If you solely focus on talking about the raise, it could significantly hurt your chances.

Although asking for a raise can make you nervous, not asking for one when you deserve it even worse. Even if you’re turned down for a raise, don’t be discouraged. Maybe the company doesn’t have the funds to increase your pay, or maybe you haven’t filled certain expectations as of yet. Simply wait a little while, do the best work you can and ask again when you think it’s the right time.

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