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What Can I Do to Improve My Driving Skills as a Trucker?

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Having a long and consistent hauling career involves not only getting the job but continuing to better your skills. Seeking to improve yourself as a truck driver brings a plethora of benefits to you, your employer and society. With skills training, you are honing your trade while becoming more aware of the hazardous challenges of the road and how to be better prepared for them. The following list includes some of the best ways to improve your driving skills. 


“Practice makes perfect” may be a common and even overused phrase, and that’s because it is true. One of the most straightforward ways to improve your skills as a truck driver is to put in the hours behind the wheel. Only through experiencing real-world challenges can you determine what your weaknesses are and how they can be improved. Practice is the only way that new challenges will become second-nature to you. 

Take Advantage of Training

Contrary to popular belief, your initial driving course is not the only one that you are allowed to take. Most larger companies offer their drivers the ability to take a refresher course anytime they feel like it. Others go above and beyond by implementing new and effective technologies into their driver training, such as VR or simulation courses. Driving simulators offer the opportunity to practice real-world practical skills in a variety of conditions. Ask your employer about the courses that are available to you.

Start with the Right CDL School

Those seeking to go into truck driving as a career for the first time must be aware of the quality of their chosen CDL school. It is so much easier to improve on your driving when you have a solid foundation behind you from a high-quality CDL school. A good school will provide you with not only the skills to drive safely and efficiently but also the knowledge to improve once you begin to drive professionally for a company.  It’s a smart idea to research the different types of schools by speaking with friends, past truck drivers and even the companies themselves.

Going into a career as a truck driver is a great choice for anyone seeking to make a decent living while being able to experience the wide-open road. However, truck drivers have a big responsibility to themselves and the public to continue to hone their skills. Reading the list posted above is an excellent first step toward that goal.

Are you looking to get into a fulfilling job after a felony conviction? We can help.

What Can I Do to Make Getting Hired More Likely?

Tremendous frustration sets in when your landing employment proves difficult. For someone with a criminal record, an added obstacle could further drag down the chances for opportunities. Don’t become despondent, though — there’s still hope. Your approach to finding a job might just need to change a little. By following a few strategic steps, you might discover job offers coming through.


Cliches along the lines of “It’s who you know” and “Search the hidden job market” are partially true. Not every company publicly advertises job opportunities, so you must look beyond the classified ads. Networking helps the cause of locating unadvertised jobs or getting a referral for employment.

Networking involves trying to meet people who can lend direct or indirect assistance. Joining a club or organization related to your hobbies, interests, and professional pursuits may lead to meeting people who could help. Perhaps a support group for persons with bad experiences in the justice system might be worth joining. The key here is you meet people face-to-face. 

See if You Can Get Your Records Expunged

Would-be employees may perform a background check on prospective employees. They look at the credit score, civil judgments, and criminal records. As unfair as it may be, an employer might choose not to look favorably on someone with a conviction. If the sentence disappears from public records, however, the information won’t show up in a background check. Depending on state law and the person’s circumstances, a record could be expunged. Once expunged, the record is wiped clean.

Granted, some crimes are serious enough that it has been determined that they are too serious to warrant expungements. Don’t make any assumptions, however, about your record. Perhaps it is best to speak with someone who understands the law as it relates to expungements. This way, you likely discover what your options are.

Explore Volunteer Work

Volunteer work contributes to the experience section of your resume. Paid or not, work is work. By volunteering to help a charitable organization, for example, you could expand your experience and build new skills. Also, any volunteer work for a good cause might craft a favorable impression.

No one knows how a particular employee will perceive someone with a record. Nor can anyone determine if charitable or volunteer work can create positive impressions. Performing volunteer work, however, likely delivers something positive.

Obstacles exist so people can overcome them. A job search comes with difficulties. Even though things appear tough, keep persevering until things work out in your favor!


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