How to Report Major Safety Violations at Your Job

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If you work around machinery and do a lot of physical labor, you might have had a chance to be concerned for your safety. Thankfully, there are plenty of safety codes businesses are liable to keep you aware of and protect you from. If you think you see a violation, it is important for your safety that you take the time to report it.

Understand What Constitutes a Violation

You can’t go around reporting violations that don’t exist. You must have a solid idea as to what makes a safety violation. This may take you through a lot of boring legalese, but if you think you might be treated unfairly, this time spent studying the law is well worth it.

First, you should keep your eye out for potential safety hazards. These could be related to machinery, falling, or biological hazards. If something could pose a significant threat, it should be labeled a potential danger with signs and notices. Think about what would happen in a worst-case scenario.

File a Complaint

Sometimes, your boss won’t make the change even with your pleading. Now that you know that you are dealing with a violation by your employer, and they won’t change it, it is time to file a complaint. It may make your work life awkward, but it’s better than getting hurt or killed by negligence.

All employees have a right to file a confidential complaint with OSHA. You can let the local and state governments deal with the unreasonable owner immediately. The business will be forced to comply with the law and will likely be forced to pay significantly for the neglect.

Report Directly After the Violation

File these complaints as soon as possible. If you don’t your claim will look more suspect and favor the business owner. While they might be doing something wrong, your late report might make it seem as though you just want money.

Additionally, your report will be more useful if you remember as many details as possible. Over time, details of the violation may become scattered and less consistent. It can be harder to recall what your manager said to you, making claims that will go through simple rebuttals. For this reason, it is simply better to address safety concerns early and quickly.

Once you have sent in your report, you will likely see some changes. You might see a change in leadership. You may get some compensation. At the very least, your job will become easier and safer.

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