What You Need to Know Before Entering a Trade Career

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If you are thinking about entering a trade career, you probably have an idea of which trade you want to pursue. But either way, you may not know what that career path will entail from start to finish. As you learn more about trades and their requirements, you will be able to decide if your dream trade job is the best decision for your future.

Education Requirements 

Different trades have different requirements in terms of education. Many use an apprenticeship format, but you may also need to attend courses as well. You can pursue this education through a trade school, online classes, or even some universities that offer trade programs. Just make sure that you know what is required for each trade in your state so that you can start working towards the career you want without any holdups.

Job Hazards 

Working in the trades can come with certain hazards that standard office jobs don’t need to worry about. Those hazards vary depending on the particular trade you are in. However, there are specific standards for each industry that are designed to help keep tradespeople safe in their work. For example, the NFPA 70e is a common electrical safety standard used in the industry. It’s important that you are aware of the hazards you may face so you can make an informed decision. Once you are in the trade you will need to carefully follow all safety standards to ensure you are protected at work.

The Pathway Forward 

It’s important that you have clear expectations about how you will progress through your career path in the trade. The more informed you are about how things will work, the more prepared you will be to work through the hierarchy and gain skills in the industry. In many trades there are various levels of positions. You will likely need to start out on a lower tier and then move higher as you gain skills, experience, and education. Having all the information will help you to manage your expectations at the start of your trade job, and ensure that you are in a good position to work towards your future goals.


Pursuing a career in the trades can be an incredibly fulfilling way to build a future for yourself. Just make sure that you are prepared to do it safely and effectively. As you work towards your goals you can continually improve and build a positive reputation within your trade.


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