Factors That May Be Hurting Your Job Search

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The labor market has been booming for the last few years, giving employees and those seeking jobs more power and say than most are used to from their employers. But just because the overall labor market may be favoring employees at the moment, it doesn’t mean that everyone searching for work can find a job. If you have been looking for work and have been unable to find an employer, there may be something wrong with your package. Here are three factors that may be hurting your job search and what you can do about them.

Interview Performance

The first factor that may be hurting your job search is your interview performance. If your resume looks great on paper and you have the skills, experience, and education necessary for the jobs you are applying for, consider if your interview skills may need some brushing up. This is especially true if you’ve received plenty of interview offers but no job offers. Make sure that your body language in your job interview conveys a positive, and confident disposition. You should also make sure to dress appropriately and appear presentable when making your first impression at the interview for success.

Social Media

Another factor that could be hurting your job search is your social media accounts and posts. Half of employers these days are checking job candidates’ social media accounts. Employers aren’t taking the time to look through social media accounts of job candidates just for fun – they are looking for posts that may not reflect the company’s values and culture. If your social media accounts are full of potential offensive, unprofessional material, ideas, and photos, you should consider making your accounts private or starting fresh with a new public account that better represents you to your employers.

Not Following Up

The final factor that may be hurting your job search is not following up after interviews with potential employers. After you have your interview, in the next few days you should send an email or letter to the person who interviewed you thanking them for their time and reaffirming your hope to work for their business. While this may seem like a silly, simple step, when people making hiring decisions hear from candidates that they enjoyed their interview, and are excited about your business, they are more likely to hire you.

Searching for work can be incredibly challenging. But if you’ve been struggling to find work recently, you need to make sure your package is not the problem. Be aware of these three factors that could be hurting your job search and do your best to overcome them.

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