Great Reasons to Make a Career Change

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At first, you may not realize you need a career change, despite the many signs that pile up. Mondays are harder to face, you feel bored or frustrated, you dread doing certain tasks, and more. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you it’s time to find a new line of work. Here are a few reasons to listen to it!

You Need Something New

It’s not unusual to feel bored at work, but if it happens often or you feel like you’re just going through the motions, you may be suffering from “boreout.” Similar to burnout, boreout often causes symptoms of stress and exhaustion, including insomnia, fatigue, and lack of motivation.

To address boreout, you may be able to find a new position with your current employer, but if not, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. Changing careers can provide you with the mental stimulation you need to stay engaged with your work. Follow your heart and choose something you love to do.

Your Current Industry is Bad for Your Health

Job dedication is good, but you should draw the line at your health. There are many hazards in the workplace that can expose you to health risks. These include risks such as working from heights or with powerful machines, or dangers from fumes, chemicals, loud noises, or explosives. If you’re working in an industry that carries inherent risk, you should expect your employer to take comprehensive safety measures and provide protective gear. But if working conditions cause you stress or worry, it may be time to leave the industry and find a job that is less hazardous.


You’re Ready for a Challenge

If you’ve mastered your job, you might be looking for new challenges or opportunities. Explore other industries that require skills similar to yours and explore job boards to see what might appeal to you. You can also try out new careers by volunteering or networking with people you know. A career change can help you grow professionally, network with new people, and develop new skills such as leadership and management. It will also give you the motivation to reach higher and fulfill your potential.

People change careers for many reasons, and all of them are valid. It doesn’t matter whether you need to get away from your job or move on toward something new. What’s important is to pay attention to the signs and take action to make the change!

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